Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I luv the look of real ballet slippers. Anyone out there wear them?

I love the look with jeans and worn barefoot for street-home- work wear anyone have a thought on this- How do they feel on. Comfy I imagine?

I luv the look of real ballet slippers. Anyone out there wear them?
I can imagine they are comfy, just because it feels like you're not wearing anything at all!

Sounds cute, but I bet you would feel everything through them, like rocks..

Also, they were disigned for *indoor* use, so I can imagine they're not very durable and would fall apart fast..

Hope I helped!

edit: I agree with lesshou... about the safety hazards
Reply:omg they are amazing. i have four pairs and i love them. wear them with skinny jeans, its so cute. for cheap nice quality ones go to payless. theyve got really cute american eagle ones.
Reply:they are really cool i think

i used to wear them after my ballet lessons and never got out of them

black ones are cool or silver or traditional pink

quirky and cool :)
Reply:they are comfy
Reply:Real ballet slippers are not meant for day-to-day use. They will get torn up very quickly and are actually fairly expensive. The ballet slippers you see people wearing are just ballet-style flats. They are much cheaper and have a rubber sole instead of a leather sole (real ballet slippers are silk and soft leather, which is why they are not sturdy enough to hold up to regular use)

I have a love-affair with ballet style flats, but they are really not that good for your joints and back since there is absolutely no arch support. But I wear them anyway. It's just like wearing slippers.
Reply:yea i wear them to dance but not out kool idea
Reply:my freind does to school all the time. thay look cute.

shes so tiny and gracefull that they just kind of fit with her personality. haa

skin problems

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