Sunday, March 14, 2010

Do any of you gals wear ballet slippers as street shoes?

Ballet slippers/shoes have been in fashion for some time now. If you live in NYC every other women is wearing them. Right now we working our boots yet it is not fall weather.

Do any of you gals wear ballet slippers as street shoes?
ew! no
Reply:again....are you gay?
Reply:Errr no i haven't ever done ballet anyway.

If your talking about pumps though thats a whole different story, I live in them!!!!
Reply:do you mean like the dance shoes or what everyone calls ballet flats? if it's the rubber sole ballet flats then yes if your talking about ballet shoes the leather/ canvas w/ leather sole then no.
Reply:I took ballet lessons for many year and the soles of ballet slippers are very soft. I would not recommend wearing them as an everyday shoe though because the sole will wear out quickly. Many shoe manufacturers make the "ballet style" flats out of leather with a PVC sole which is much more durable. I love wearing these kind of shoes because they are so comfy and they are usually inexpensive. The biggest plus about wearing flat shoes is that they do not put your back out-of-alignment like high heels do. Heels are fine to wear on occasion, but most Orthopedic Doctors and Podiatrists do not recommend wearing heels on a regular basis because they really can ruin your back. So good for you on making a very sensible and comfortable solution!
Reply:Most definitely not, to me it's tacky.
Reply:my sister does, they look cute.
Reply:Ballet style shoes are very comfortable and look great with almost everything. Very Audrey Hepburn :)
Reply:If you're talking about ballet FLATS, then yes.

However, if you're talking about ballet SLIPPERS... total difference. No. I hate it when people think they can use dance shoes as normal street shoes, because they think they're "fashionable." To some, it only matters if the shoes they wear look good. But to others, these shoes mean so much more to us. They represent all we've worked for, towards our dreams...

And I really hate it when people seem to not care at all, and only go for the "fashion" part of it.
Reply:Yeah, they're comfortable and they look good with skirts, trousers, jeans, capris - allsorts! x

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